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"The same cleaning power as the original formula but with a yummy scent. I've been using the brush cleaner for several years and it's the best out there! It's a staple in
my personal and professional makeup kits. I had to purchase another brand while waiting for my order and there's no comparison. I needed almost double the
cleaner to get the same cleanliness of the Cinema Secrets brand. I'm so happy to have my order and get back to cleaning my brushes with the best product on the

Rochelle S.

"This product is hands down the BEST brush cleaner on the market! It cleans brushes fast, they dry quick AND the after smell (vanilla) is lovely! My clients always tell
me my brushes smell awesome lol! Highly recommend!!"


"Just received this brush cleansing soap and tried it out on my rephr blush brush today. Thoroughly cleaned my white
goat hair brush. I like the way this brush/sponge soap is packaged. Smells great too! Not too strong smelling. Makes
cleaning so darn easy. Love this soap so tar! I use the lemon brush spot cleaner too and love it! If a spot cleaner can
clean white natural hair brushes, it's truly spectacular!"

Kimberly S.

"Cinema Secrets foundation is my favorite. Their color selections are marvelous, easier to work with and vanishes into the skin with lightning speed. This is the coverage you're looking for!!"

Angie Carson

"I love the Lemon brush cleaner for my white natural hair brushes! No worries of blue staining with this formula. Thoroughly cleans easily and fast. Just a tad
moisturizing to condition the natural hair. Smells incredible too! I'll definitely be back for more."

Kimberly A.

Clean Brushes in Under 5 Minutes!