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Talc Free Friends

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Ultralucent Illuminating Powder

Brighten your complexion with Cinema Secrets Pro Ultralucent Illuminating Powder. These anti-oxidants rich illuminators will highlight and enhance your skin giving you a healthy glow.

Ultralucent Setting Powder, Colorless

Lock in your look with Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Setting Powder. This ultra-fine, mineral based loose powder is moisture resistant, prevents shine, controls oil, and allows skin to breathe easily. 

Ultimate Eyeshadow 5-IN-1 PRO Palette, Chroma Collection

You’ve never seen high intensity rich metallic colors like this before! With shades of Atomic Silver, Rose Flare, Gold Horizon, Cosmic Copper, and Beyond Bronze, they’re sure to shatter your expectations with any look. This perfectly grouped collection in new sleek light-weight cases for easy travel.