Ruby Dee Makeup Mirror

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The Ruby Dee - Makeup Mirror from Glammy is a great addition to your full vanity mirror setup. Perfect for those up close moments. Just like the multifaceted Ruby Dee, this product is named after, this mirror embodies just that. For those who do not have the space to have a full-size vanity, this high-quality makeup mirror can also be used by itself. The high definition mirror paired with a LED Ring featuring 3 lighting temperatures to allow for perfect application no matter where you are and the look you are going for.

Features: High Definition MIrror made from ABS Glass. Dimmable Ring Light. LED Lit Touch Sensor Light Button. Additional Touch Sensor button controls Warm / Natural / Cool Light. Comes with Magnetic Magnifying Mirror. Built-in Speaker. On/ Off button on base for Bluetooth Speaker Control. Rotates a full 90 degrees and has a luminous plate on the underside that turns the mirror into a lamp. Rechargeable battery. USB charging port.

Benefits: Portable and light - perfect for any space. Light temperature control allows for perfect makeup application. The built-in speaker allows you to listen to music or your favorite podcast while you get ready. USB charging port allows for easy charging via a charging port, computer, or USB wall charger. Committed to sustainability. 100% safe and secure checkout. 30-day refund policy. No-hassle lifetime warranty.

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